Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sorry it's been a while, i've been busy

I know it's been a while since I last blogged, I have been quite busy making things.

This morning I decided I would try and add a picture on my blog and learn how to edit. Well with a great deal of frustration I eventually added the pic's YEH.  It's not so hard once you work out how and that was my problem. When we originally set up the blog I had my own computer, but now we are down to one (David's). So when I logged in the stupid computer would log under my husbands email address, so I could only look at my blog, it would not let me change anything or add. Because I am a computer dummy which I don't mind admitting, it took me a while to realize I had to sign out and  re log in under my email address. I thought it would have done that automatically when I opened my blog, but obviously not.

I will have to get the girls (Jenny , Heather & Wendy) to show me how to change the header and add a few things, that way I won't get too frustrated.

Yesterday me & my husband David was supposed to do some gardening, as we have plenty of weeding & pruning to be done. But the weather was not very good so we decided we would have to do something indoors. A couple of weeks ago I made a list of things that need doing around the house and placed it on the white board as a reminder. I let David know and said if he ever was feeling bored or had some spare time he could always check the list and maybe do one of the tasks. Imagine the shocked look on his face, but you know what it worked. He as already crossed off a couple of the tasks and also done a couple of things that were not on the list. He noticed as he was crossing off the tasks done I had been adding more and asked me was he ever going to get my list finished ? I promised him one day maybe, but you know theirs always something that needs to be done to maintain one's home. You know in doing the list it as been easier to get things done without having to nag. All jobs need doing, he just gets to choose which one to do first, giving him some self of control without feeling like he's being bossed.  But you know ladies I am blessed my husband is pretty good, he will do most anything for me, I only have to ask.

Getting back to yesterday, weather awful what to do? . We decided to do my sewing chair (which by the way was a extra task it was not on the list).  My friend Jenny got a new chair for her sewing, which I liked very much. Since I have just been made redundant I didn't want to spend too much, so buying the same chair as Jenny was out of the question. We decided to buy a second hand chair and do it up, this was so much fun. I cannot wait to show you all, the best sewing chair ever, well it is for me. I have taken some photo's of the before and after I just need David to show me how to load the pictures onto the computer, hopefully this afternoon. So I'm afraid you will have to wait to see the chair, but I think it is well worth the wait. I was a busy girl yesterday not only did I do the chair I also made a dress, I do believe it was a very productive day.

Well I will sign off for now but I promise to post the pictures of my sewing chair very soon.