Friday, 28 March 2014

Updating the Blog - with Jenny

Well you can now see I have updated my blog page & feeling happy about it, thanks to Jenny for all your help.

Heather got my blog up and running and Jenny as helped me with navigating the blog. What great friends I have, your help as been very much appreciated.

As you can see I have managed to put my photo's on the blog of my new sewing chair, which I am very pleased.

And for those visiting my blog and wondering about my blog name and how I came about choosing it, sewing on a wing & a prayer covers all the things I enjoy.

Sewing - as you can guess I love sewing and creating things which I will share with you all in future postings.

Wing - This is short for Honda Goldwing Motor cycle, which I love being the pillion passenger with my lovely husband David riding. I will give you updates on all our adventures on the Wing. We are currently preparing for a journey in the coming weeks for a 5 week trip the long way round to Alice Springs, covering some 7000km, through QLD, NSW, SA & NT.

Prayer - I am a born again Christian who loves the Lord with all my heart. Prayer is a big part of my Christian walk. Looking forward to sharing with you some of the exciting experiences where the Lord has blessed me & my husband on our journey with him.

Getting ready for our next adventure: practice run with trailer making sure it's balanced and tracking well behind the bike. (trailer is a camper and I will post the pictures from our trip, so you can see the full set up) it's awesome.

David & I on one of our day trips to Charters Towers Qld

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