Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The making of my Grand Daugthers Teddy Bear

The finished Product. Not bad if I say so my self.

Now the tedious  task of assembling

This is the back of the Bear

These are the arms

Constructing the head.  
Here I am adding the ears to the head, very fiddly.

This is my first attempt at adding pic's to my blog. So I thought I would show you one of the things I made for my Grand Daughter Taylor. A decorative teddy bear, not very practical but very pretty and perfect for display in her room.


  1. Finished at last! I feel very privileged to have seen you making this, Michele, and it's gorgeous all done now. :-)
    Call me...I'll come over and we'll play with your blog. xx

  2. Wow this is stunningly beautiful Michele. You will have one very happy grandchild. What a clever lady..... and your pictures came through.

  3. Oh my that is so beautiful. I know it will be cherished forever and ever. What an heirloom

  4. What an beautiful bear; your embroidery is stunning!

  5. Your stitches are stunning! What a special gift for your grandchild.