Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Making a Bag - Gift for a Dear Friend

So a pattern in a Country Threads magazine Vol 13 No.4 for a lovely patchwork bag designed by Leeanne Pitman.

I made 2 bags - one like this which I gave to my lovely daughter in-law for her birthday. I didn't take a photo of that but it did turn out lovely.

The second bag I made I changed slightly: I used a different panel front & inserted pockets on the inside.           
I used this favorite saying my friend loves as the front Panel

I inserted pockets on the back of the bag liner

The view from the back of the bag

The view from the front 

The finished project - well nearly finished I just have to hand stitch the binding .
I think the bag turned out very well - I'm sure my friend will like it.


  1. Great looking bag, it's my birthday soon...hint hint!

  2. It's even prettier in real life. :-)

  3. Super cute bag. Love your fabric choices...Your hand stitchery design is superb. I know your friend will treasure this .as well as your daughter will with her. Gifts from the heart made by your hands are all ways the best.

  4. Great job on your bag. Love the egg quote. hehe