Saturday, 19 April 2014

Quilt for my Sister's Grandchild - Lennon

This quilt is a work in progress. Lennon loves fireman Sam so I thought I would make him a quilt he would love.

I down loaded the free pictures from Fireman Sam Colouring pages from the internet website. Then enlarged them to fit my 6 1/2in blocks.

The 2 pictures below are the first I downloaded and resized.
They are on my light box my lovely husband made, ready for tracing.


I reversed this picture so I could have then facing inwards for when I assemble

Next was the fire truck

I then down loaded 3 more pictures.    Fireman Sam climbing a ladder

Fireman Sam holding the fire hose

Fireman Sam's Dog

All pictures traced and ready for colouring and stitching

These are the pencils I used to colour the drawings, this technique I learned doing one of Helen Stubbing's Colourque' projects (that's still a work in progress)

Once I coloured the drawings I sealed with 'Plaid textile medium'

I then added a red spot & black spot boarder, this was so I could hold them better in my hoop for embroidering

I then decided I needed a bigger picture for the quilt, so I enlarged the next picture 2 x A4 paper

This picture I decided to Applique.
He is now ready for stitching.

I am going away for 4-5 weeks on a biking / camping trip so will be taking these with me. Not sure how much I will get done, but at least I will have some stitching with me for when I am relaxing.